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Specimen Collection is more than an important task

To yield the most accurate results, each and every step of the process must be carefully executed – from tying a tourniquet to carefully transporting the specimen. PlatinumCode supplies products to get you safely through these steps, ensuring patient comfort, safety and accuracy.

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Tourniquets are one of our most highly sought after products. Why? PlatinumCode tourniquets are not only designed and manufactured by us, but are made with non-latex materials of the highest quality, resulting in ultra-low odor, superior stretch, and enhanced patient comfort.

Cohesive Bandages

Say good-bye to painful post-venipuncture dressings and hello to cohesive bandage. Designed to stick to itself, rather than your patient’s skin, PlatinumCode’s non-latex cohesive bandages are sure to increase patient comfort, and not to mention, reduce skin sensitivity. And with more colors and sizes than ever before, you are sure to find your perfect fit.


Nitrile Exam Gloves

PlatinumCode’s non-latex nitrile gloves feature the best of the best materials designed to protect not only your patients, but also your employees. With superior puncture resistance, they reduce the risk of needle-sticks, as well as provide excellent barrier protection.


Disposable Lab Coats & Jackets

Working in an environment that demands safety for both patients and employees brings forth the need for better protection – which creates the need for a lab coat or jacket. But why use a disposable one? Traditional lab coats and jackets are prone to absorbing fluids, medications, chemicals and even liquid spills – thus becoming a contamination agent.

Specimen Transport Bags

Specimen transport bags provide a convenient, safe and compliant method of transporting specimen. Whether your lab received specimen from remote draw sites, outreach clients, pneumatic tubes, or other hospital departments, PlatinumCode has a bag to match your needs.