labels have multiple color options
available in thermal transfer and direct thermal
multiple core sizes
labels available for industrial size printers
piggy-back labels in multiple sizes

Materials Management / Patient Charge Labels

Piggybacks, thermal transfers, laser labels – all terms someone keeping track of patient’s charges and your facility’s materials would be very familiar with. And yes, we have them all – in bright colors nonetheless.

materials management thermal transfer labels

Thermal transfer labels for materials management use ink from a ribbon printer that is transferred on to the label to create a permanent, long-lasting image. Ribbon printers are required.

patient charge system labels

Patient Charge Systems typically require piggyback labels. What are they? Simply put, they are a label on top of another label - making it even easier to keep track of patient's charges.

piggyback laser label sheets

A piggyback label is essentially a label on top of a label - perfect for your patient charge system - and in multiple colors none the less.

piggyback direct thermal for industrial size thermal printer

The name says it all, this label is made for an industrial size printer.