millions of labels stocked
manufactured by PlatinumCode
special healthcare and laboratory grade adhesives
identity cores
shelf packed and plastic wrapped
wristbands are all non-latex
manufactured in the United States
alert wristbands available in Tyvek and plastic

Healthcare Labels & Wristbands

PlatinumCode has been a trusted manufacturer and provider of specimen identification and collection products for 25 years. Our solutions provide healthcare organizations with innovative products that provide a perfect mix of quality and value.

Our identification products, from labels to wristbands to printers, cater to hundreds of laboratory information systems and are found in thousands of healthcare facilities across the United States. PlatinumCode’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality standards coupled with same-day shipments.

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Admitting departments

Admitting departments are responsible for keeping the flow of patients moving and organized. Because this is typically the first place a patient will go, or the first department to help identify the world’s newest members, admitting departments need to be armed with quality identification products from wristbands to laser labels.

Laboratory Labels

Testing in clinical laboratories has no room for error – and neither do the labels they use. Our labels are constructed with a laboratory-grade, glove-friendly adhesive to ensure they stay firmly adhered to plastic and glass specimen tubes while being subjected to extreme environments like centrifuges, water baths, incubators, robotic track systems, and -80  cryogenic freezers.


Materials Management & Patient Charge

It’s no easy task keeping track of a facility’s materials. Materials Management Departments and Patient Charge systems help facilities to stay on task – and with the help of appropriate labels – stay ahead of the game.

Label Printers

Without printers, labels are simply a blank canvas. Printers help each department convey what the label stands for, whether it is a barcode, QR code or patient information. From direct thermal to thermal transfer, we offer a variety of printers to help your labels come alive.


Pharmacy Labels

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing, as well as dispensing, drugs and medicines. A pharmacy’s practices must be precise, making proper identification within all of its systems, critical.

Operating Room Sterile Labels

In an operating room, there are no exceptions when it comes to the materials at hand – even down to the labels that are used during an operation. Our sterilized label packs are sealed, sterilized, and FDA approved.