disposable tourniquets, tear resistant and perforated for easy dispensing
superior compression
excellent stretch
non-latex and odor-free
bright colors reduce the risk of leave-on accidents

Disposable Tourniquets

PlatinumCode’s disposable tourniquets are more than typical. These single-use tourniquets are designed with safety in mind, helping to reduce the risk for leave-on accidents. Plus, with more options than other brands of disposable tourniquets, such as smooth, textured, bariatric, pediatric, infant, five color options, and multiple packaging options, you are sure to find your perfect fit.

Tourniquets Smooth

Smooth tourniquets

Smooth tourniquets provide exceptional grip and excellent stretch, giving both patients and employees better draw experience and results. Smooth tourniquets are available in all colors and packaging types.

Textured Tourniquets

Textured tourniquets provide an extra dose of grip while providing superior stretch, yielding a more comfortable and accurate venipuncture. Textured tourniquets are available in all colors and packaging types.

Flat Packs

Flat packs allow tourniquets to be easily dispensed and are most commonly used for primary draw stations.

Roll Packs

Roll packs are notch cut every 18 inches for quick and easy dispensing.

Dispenser Boxed

Dispenser boxes provide extra protection for tourniquet rolls plus offer notch cuts every 18 inches for quick and easy dispensing.

Individually Rolled

Individually rolled tourniquets are perfect for phlebotomists on the go.

Specialty Packs

Patients come in all sizes, so why shouldn’t your tourniquet? PlatinumCode offers infant, pediatric, extra-wide, and bariatric tourniquets.


Extra Wide Orange

Measuring a half-inch wider than our standard tourniquets, extra wide tourniquets are perfect for patients that need an extra dose of grip. Tourniquets measure 1-1/2" x 18".

Pediatric Pink

Measuring six inches shorter than our standard tourniquets, these tourniquets offer the perfect amount of grip and compression that pediatric patients need. Tourniquets measure 3/4" x 12".

Bariatric Orange

Double the length and a half-inch wider than our standard tourniquets, bariatric tourniquets eliminate the need to tie two tourniquets together. Tourniquets measure 1-1/2" x 32".


Measuring a wee 1/2" x 9", these adorable tourniquets are made for the world's most adorable infants. Available in blue and purple.