multiple wristband styles
multiple wristband colors
multiple wristband sizes
wristbands have companion labels
variety of closure options

Admitting Department Labels & Wristbands

First impressions should last. Are yours? Equipping your admitting department with high quality identification products from wristbands, laser sheets, direct thermal labels, and thermal transfer labels, is a must.

Admitting Labels on Roll

Admitting Labels

From labels for Dymo printers, to simple laser labels, to a plethora of stocked direct thermal and thermal transfer labels, we have your admitting department covered.

Stocked Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer labels look nearly identical to direct thermal labels, yet are constructed entirely different. Ink from a ribbon printer is transferred on to the label to create a permanent, long-lasting image.

stocked direct thermal labels

PlatinumCode stocks thousands of labels, and specifically direct thermal labels. Direct Thermal labels are activated by heat in a printer, so no ribbons are needed.

laser sheet labels

These wristband companion laser sheets were designed to make your patient identification an easy, and not to mention, safer, task.

labels for dymo

PlatinumCode's labels for Dymo are specially designed labels distinguished by the unique small, oval-shaped holes punched in the paper backing. The holes help to guide the labels through Dymo printers which are typically small in size and can conveniently sit on your desktop. From barcoded chart labels, to blood tube labels, to specimen identification labels, our labels for Dymo cover it all.

Admitting Wristbands

From Zebra cartridges to Tyvek wristbands to mother, father and infant wristbands with companion labels, we have your admitting department ready to properly identify patients.

Insert Wristbands

Insert wristbands feature a pocket insert that protects information. Available in multiple colors. Clasp closure.

Alert Wristbands

Available in both Tyvek and plastic materials, multiple closure options, and in a variety of sizes, these alert bands are perfect for identifying allergy, DNR, latex-allergy, limb alert, and fall risk patients.

Laser Wristbands

Multiple styles of adult, pediatric and infant wristband sizes available on laser label sheets. Standard Register bands also available.

Fold-over/Shield Wristbands

Fold-over/shield wristbands feature a fold-over shield designed to protect patient information. Available in multiple colors. One-time use clasp closure.

Tyvek®/Short-stay Wristbands

Tyvek/short-stay wristbands are designed for short term use and are color-specific to quicky notify medical staff of special precautions and medical care needs. Waterproof and available in multiple color options, messages, and sizes.

Cartridge (Zebra HC100) Wristbands

Zebra wristbands are easy and convenient to print and are packaged within a printer cartridge. Multiple colors of adult, pediatric and infant sizes available.

Direct Thermal Wristbands

Heat-activated and made from synthetic materials, direct thermal wristbands feature silver antimicrobial coating and UV overcoat for resistance to liquids. Pressure-sensitive tab closure, tamper-evident slits.