How to Select a Wristband for Your Healthcare Needs

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, solutions that support the ever-growing workload of your healthcare facility are critical. Platinum Code is here to quickly provide you with cost-effective wristbands and labels that you need at this overwhelming time. We have a variety of color-coded options for screening and triage, patient admitting, and COVID-19 testing.

Author: Ray Bernard (Director, Inside Sales & Customer Service at PlatinumCode)

Patient ID Bands… I know what you may be thinking, “So what?” While it’s true that patient ID bands tend to be looked upon as a simple commodity product used to identify patients, it can be argued that patient ID bands are one of the most important things that ever come in contact with a patient during their hospital stay. 

It’s a sobering fact that the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., behind heart disease and cancer, is medical errors.1 While not all of them are tied to misidentified patients, a significant amount of these medical errors are related to patient IDs and 100% of them are preventable.2

Fortunately, providers can easily avoid patient ID errors by following proper process combined with the correct ID band.  As a leading supplier of patient ID bands in the U.S., PlatinumCode offers a wide variety of quality solutions.  Experience tells us that providers looking to make a change tend to fall into 2 categories:

  1. Providers who have already chosen a band that works for them but are either paying too much or having quality/service issues.
  2. Providers concerned the band they are using isn’t meeting their need and/or they have experienced patient safety issues relating to proper patient identification.

The first provider category is simple to resolve.  PlatinumCode carries a wide variety of quality wristbands.  Ranging from traditional poly or vinyl bands to high-tech laser and direct thermal bands. We offer free samples for our customers to confirm quality and usability, guarantee customer satisfaction, and can provide savings of up to 30%!

The second provider category is a little more complex, but PlatinumCode has a proven needs assessment to ensure all facility requirements are captured.

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Depending on your answers to these questions, PlatinumCode can recommend the perfect ID band option to meet your needs, including:

Laser Bands – Known for their convenience, laser bands have become the band of choice for thousands of providers. The wristband is integrated into an 8.5”x11” sheet that typically includes chart labels that remain in the patient chart after the wristband is removed and attached to the patient.

Direct Thermal Bands – Another popular choice among healthcare providers, this band is a favorite due to low cost and high-print quality. Direct Thermal bands do not require toner, ink or ribbons to print. Instead, specially-treated materials use heat to create a clear and durable image. 

Vinyl or Poly Bands – Also known as the “classic,” these ID bands have been used successfully in healthcare for decades. Available in a variety of styles including:

  1. Shield or Fold-Over (provides a mylar overlay protecting patient data)
  2. Write-On
  3. Imprinter
  4. Insert

Tyvek Bands – A favorite for outpatient use, these bands provide a simple and easy solution ideal for outpatient surgery centers or other situations where the patient needs to be banded for a short period of time.

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  2. Dale, J. C., & Renner, S. W. (1997). Wristband Errors in Small Hospitals: A College of American Pathologists’ Q-Probes Study of Quality Issues in Patient Identification. Laboratory Medicine, 28(3), 203–207. doi: 10.1093/labmed/28.3.203
Press Release

PlatinumCode Announces Future Product Expansion of Healthcare Wristbands

New wristbands will aim to meet the increasing needs of admissions departments and the clinical laboratory

MINNEAPOLIS AND PHILADELPHIA, August 2, 2016 – PlatinumCode, a leading manufacturer and supplier of specimen identification and collection products for the healthcare industry, announced today at the AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo taking place August 2 – 4 at the Philadelphia Convention Center, that it has plans to expand their line of wristbands catering to admissions departments and the clinical laboratory. PlatinumCode seeks to create a full suite of wristband offerings featuring a variety of materials, uses, and sizes.

“PlatinumCode will continue to provide labels and clinical laboratory products – our customers appreciate the quality, customer service, and dedication – but they are in need of more options for facilities, specifically wristbands for admitting departments,” explained Steve Griffith, PlatinumCode’s Chief Operating Officer, “Our expansion will include multiple colors, comfort options, and even accessories to indicate an alert.”

PlatinumCode currently offers alert, insert, Tyvek ®, cover seal, Zebra Z-Band ® and cartridges, laser, and direct thermal wristbands. The expansion will include, but not be limited to: alert accessories, PVC insert, foam infant, write-on, mother/infant, additional direct thermal, and additional laser wristbands.

“With the popularity and growth of our existing line of wristbands, we are committed to delivering more options to our growing customer base,” Ron Griffith, PlatinumCode’s Chief Revenue Officer, stated, “We are confident that this expansion will prove beneficial for many admissions departments and clinical laboratories.”

PlatinumCode plans to announce the official launch in Fall of 2016. For more information on PlatinumCode wristbands, please call 888.446.9965, or visit

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PlatinumCode offers a wide range of identification and collection products for the healthcare facility including specially designed labels for laboratory and hospital information systems, instrumentation media, specimen transport products, bright-colored, non-latex tourniquet bands, and cohesive bandages. Headquartered in Minneapolis, with warehouse locations across the United States, PlatinumCode serves thousands of clinical laboratories, hospitals and medical centers in the United States.

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Alyssa Meier, Marketing Manager