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PlatinumCode Caters to Birthing and Pediatric Departments by Offering the First Pressure-activated Safety Heel Stick for Infants on the Market

MINNEAPOLIS, February 19, 2014 – PlatinumCode, a leading manufacturer and supplier of specimen identification, transport and collection products for the healthcare industry, announced that they have added pediatric pressure-activated safety heel stick devices to their line-up. The pressure-activated safety heel stick device is the first of its kind and will be sold to hospitals and pediatric departments in the United States.

As a result of PlatinumCode customer demand seeking a quality safety heel stick device, typically for the use in newborn screenings, the decision to offer the product line was easy.

In making the announcement, PlatinumCode Vice President of Marketing, Ron Griffith explained, “PlatinumCode is thrilled to now offer a safety heel stick device for infants, and we found the quality and safety of this line to be exceptional.”

PlatinumCode will now offer pressure-activated heel stick devices in four sizes and colors, all ranging in blade depth. Each heel stick device features a usage indicator and activation mechanism. The heel stick design is patented, FDA approved and ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 certified. Each heel stick device is blister packed and sterilized.

“With nearly our entire staff being a parent, we loved the idea of a heel stick device that would deliver a consistent and controlled incision – resulting in less pain for the infants,” said Griffith, “Plus the blades deactivate after use, so cross-contamination is completely out of the question.”

The heel stick devices are pressure-activated, allowing for an easier and quicker procedure than those heel stick devices that require a button push or pre-loading.

“The medical professionals who are performing the heel stick procedure are typically dealing with a kicking foot, this heel stick will allow for one hand to hold the foot, and one to hold the heel stick – a huge improvement from other heel sticks on the market today,” said PlatinumCode Sales Manager, Chad Falkenborg.

PlatinumCode launched the pressure-activated safety heel sticks earlier in 2014 and has already seen a great demand for them. PlatinumCode also added pressure-activated safety lancets respectively.

About PlatinumCode

PlatinumCode offers a wide range of identification, transport and collection products for the healthcare facility including specially designed labels for laboratory and hospital information systems, instrumentation media, specimen transport products, bright-colored, non-latex tourniquet bands and cohesive bandages. Headquartered in Minneapolis, with warehouse locations in Toledo, Portland and Los Angeles, PlatinumCode serves thousands of clinical laboratories, hospitals and medical centers across the United States. PlatinumCode is broadening product lines and distribution in response to customer requirements.

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