PlatinumCode Relocates Headquarters to Accommodate Growth

MINNEAPOLIS, June 05, 2013 – PlatinumCode, a leading supplier of specimen identification, transport and collection products for the healthcare industry, announced that they have moved to a more robust and spacious facility to accommodate the stable growth of their product offering and support team. PlatinumCode took occupancy as of April 12, 2013.

The move to 8095 215th Street West in Minneapolis gives PlatinumCode more than triple the space they previously occupied with nearly 9,000 square feet of office space. The warehouse, attached to the newly renovated office space, boasts an additional 26,162 square feet, helping to facilitate an even more streamlined process for warehousing, shipping and receiving.

“Within the 26,162 square feet of warehouse space we are able to house three times more product,” explained PlatinumCode Warehouse Manager Chad Blair. “The additional space will help for PlatinumCode to speed up shipping processes as well as make room for our expanding product lines, specifically our highly sought-after tourniquets.”

In making the announcement, PlatinumCode President Marty Griffith explained, "After expanding our product offerings to include even more quality healthcare consumables, we better understood the value that laboratory departments saw in the quality of our products. The move was absolutely necessary to accommodate for the demand for better products from healthcare facilities across the country.”

Founded in 1990, PlatinumCode has earned its reputation as a leader in the healthcare industry for products that cater specifically to blood collection and specimen handling. PlatinumCode prides itself on providing intuitive solutions that help healthcare professionals work more efficiently, effectively and, most importantly, safely. The Company is committed to continuous improvement in every facet of its organization. For more information on the move, please contact PlatinumCode at 888.446.9965 or visit us at

About PlatinumCode

PlatinumCode offers a wide range of products for the healthcare facility including specially designed labels for laboratory and hospital information systems, instrumentation media, specimen transport products and innovative, bright-colored, non-latex tourniquet bands and cohesive bandages. Thousands of clinics and hospitals from New York to California have come to rely on PlatinumCode’s quality, tenacious customer service and quick delivery. From PlatinumCode’s initial beginnings in North Dakota, the Company has grown to span the country with corporate headquarters in Minneapolis and warehouse locations in Toledo, Portland and Los Angeles. PlatinumCode is broadening product lines in response to customer requirements.