very thin and very strong nitrile
powder-free exam gloves
available in five ambidextrous sizes
odor-free exam gloves
ergonomic construction designed to reduce muscle fatigue
non-latex nitrile exam gloves

Nitrile Exam Gloves

Phlebotomists often struggle to find a glove thin enough to allow for pre-venipuncture vein finding, but thick enough to be strong and tear-resistant. PlatinumCode’s nitrile exam gloves combine the best of both worlds by being constructed with a very thin but very strong, tear-resistant non-latex nitrile material specifically formulated for phlebotomists and clinical laboratory applications.

non-latex Nitrile Gloves

These powder-free, odor-free, non-latex exam gloves are ergonomically constructed to reduce muscle fatigue. And with their very thin and rugged, construction, they are perfect for finding difficult veins.

why nitrile?

Nitrile material has been shown to be more resistant to oils and acids than natural rubber and is also reported to be more tear-resistant than natural rubber materials. Plus, the use of nitrile allows for exam gloves to be ultra-thin - making blood draws more efficient for phlebotomists.

why non-latex and powder-free?

Hypersensitivity to one or any variety of proteins found in natural rubber latex is known as a latex allergy. To reduce the possibility of allergenic reactions among patients and employees, many facilities are working to eliminate products that contain natural rubber latex. The powder used in gloves can possibly act as an airborne carrier of the allergenic proteins found in natural rubber gloves.