Smooth, textured, five color options, four packaging options, infant, pediatric, bariatric, extra-wide – you’re sure to find a perfect fit.
With 25 years of experience as a leader in labels for healthcare information systems, you can trust our labels in your lab and pharmacy.
We talked to your patients. They want their arm hair back. Time to make the switch to this easy-to-tear post-venipuncture bandage?
celebrating 25 years of bright solutions
From our first customer, to our state-of-the-art label presses, we are celebrating a milestone - 25 years in the making. Click below to discover what we have been up to since 1990.
Brighter Identification
PlatinumCode has now upped the ante in wristbands by offering even more variety. With multiple color options, styles, and clasps, we have your admitting department covered for every patient. 
where will we be next?
We like to get out from time to time to share our products, insight, and this year we hear there might be cake. Find out where your PlatinumCode team will be next.
Innovation does not happen overnight
In 1990, PlatinumCode opened its doors to not only provide innovative products that increase healthcare efficiency and safety, but also to build better futures for those within the healthcare industry. Twenty-five years later, PlatinumCode holds true to its beliefs and core values, all while continuing to provide the highest quality specimen identification and collection products available today. As we celebrate our twenty-fifth year in business, we want to say thank you for allowing us to help better your business.
Practice testing makes perfect
We are true believers in try before you buy. And having the right tools in your facility makes all the difference. Go ahead, try out a product or three.
Bright Products Require Bright People
Starting from the ground up (well below ground actually - in a basement), our founder was on a mission to provide the best he could for his family and employees. Today our company still exhibits the same set of core values while striving continually to provide not only the best products for our customers but the best service as well.