Serving Healthcare

PlatinumCode supplies specimen identification, transport and collection products that enhance communication and improve the safety of healthcare employees and patients. We offer a wide range of products for the healthcare facility including specially designed labels for laboratory and hospital information systems, instrumentation media, specimen transport products and innovative, bright-colored, non-latex tourniquet bands and cohesive bandages. Thousands of clinics and hospitals from New York to California have come to rely on our quality, tenacious customer service and quick delivery. 

Specimen Identification

In the healthcare field today, identification failure is not an option. Which is why PlatinumCode takes pride in the fact that hundreds of healthcare facilities rely on our labels for consistent performance. PlatinumCode labels are specially designed to withstand the extremes of the day to day operations in a modern healthcare laboratory. From our beginnings more than 20 years ago, quality and patient safety are still top of mind. 

Specimen Transport

At PlatinumCode, we understand the importance and urgency of safely transporting specimen samples, as well as the importance of reducing disposal costs. We provide specimen transport bags tailored to fit your facility in a variety of colors and customization options which are designed to save you time and money. PlatinumCode has partnered with the industry leader in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) blood tubes, to provide you with superior collection transport.

Specimen Collection

PlatinumCode has broken the norm on blood collection supplies by offering not only high-quality products, but products that help take your facility to a whole new level of safety. Our highly sought after non-latex, brightly-colored tourniquets and cohesive bandages help reduce the risk of "leave-on" accidents. We offer non-latex Nitrile gloves that prove to be three times more puncture resistant than natural gloves, helping to protect your employees from needle-sticks. PlatinumCode also offers industry leading brands of syringes, needles, blood tubes and many other collection products that patients, and healthcare workers, prefer.